PHOTOGRAPHY is more than just a click on a camera

Marbella Photography School will teach you theory and basic, but it will be combined with a lot of practical training. Actual shooting and practical development

Lets get started … Photography …

Get better in taking pictures

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Starting photography

Basic photography - part I

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Portrait and beauty

on the way.......

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Photogrsaphy philosophy

Marbella Photography School has the philosophy about photography


The combination in teaching - theory and practical shooting will make you a better photographer from day one.

Believe and invest yourself

When you believe and invest yourself in your photography the result becomes unique and magic

It does not matter what camera you have

Everybody must be able to make a good picture with their phone - compact camera - or so.
Your imagination is the key

Training training training

Training makes master/champion.
So it is in photography as well.

WHAT you can get at Marbella Photography School

To be flexible Marbella Photography School have developed some group courses and individual teaching.
We all have difference preferences .

As well, we can tailor any type of program to fit your needs.

Tailored programs are private / 1 to 1 teaching


After doing a course with MPS my photography have reached a level where i now am offering my services in urban style photography and weddings.
Highly recommendable !
Peter Nielsen