Starting photography

Basic photography - part I

Starting photography

If you have bought, or you got a camera as a present – do you know how to use it or do you feel unsure about it ? Do you take great photographs sometimes, but don’t know how you did it? If you always are using the green automatic setting for the camera – or most of the times …

This course is for you …

Learn to take control of your camera and leave the “automatic” mode behind!

  • 8 hours of tuition
  • Beginner level / starting
  • For users of SLR cameras
  • Basic photography
  • Handling of camera functions and menus
  • How to compose a picture
  • Use of light and lenses?
  • Portraiture, landscape, documentation techniques, urban style
  • Practical shooting – follow up

1 to 1 – individual or in group of max 4 persons


Private individual 1 Person 180,- euro

Groups (prices per person) 2 People 160,- euro 3 to 6 People 125,- euro

The course will be over 2 days. 1 day; 6 hr session on a Saturday or Sunday. Theory, camera handling , practical daytime shooting. 2 day; 2 hrs shoot and follow up in studio / evening (weekend or evening on a weekday).